About Me

Hi, my name is Megan Paparella and I am a senior at Michigan State University.  I am majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies of a Social Science, with a concentration in Human Capital and Society.  This spring, I will be graduating with a cognate in Economics and a business emphasis.

This September, I began my fourth fall season as a member of the Michigan State University Crew Club.  I currently work on-campus for MSU’s Department of Family Medicine in the Clinical Center.  As a Student Clerical Assistant II, I work closely with the Accounting Clerk, as well as provide support for all of the other faculty and staff members.  Upon graduating, I would like to gain experience in the workplace and begin a career in the Human Resources field.

As an Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) major, I am provided with a unique opportunity that allows me to study multiple disciplines at the same time.  By combining academic fields, I am able to apply many different perspectives to a single situation, which makes it easier to understand and explain particular events.  Within the field of HR, this can be particularly beneficial, because the disciplines I have studied are extremely helpful when interacting with others.  Economic, psychological, sociological, and anthropological factors can all be implemented when setting strategies and developing policies within an organization.  They can also be utilized within the key functions of HR, such as compensation and employee benefit management, industrial and employee relations, recruitment and talent acquisition, or research and development.

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